Advocacy leadership for science‑based decision‑making for a sustainable future

Evolving our approach and staying up to date with new regulations are essential to developing products that serve the needs of the planet, communities and our customers. Our long history in the specialty chemicals sector has allowed us to develop deep industry expertise and understanding of the global regulatory landscape.

To continue providing industry leadership and supporting the use of good science to advance sustainability, we have a strong presence in national, regional and global industry associations. We maintain direct contact with decision makers, authorities and regulatory agencies. For 2030, we have set the target to collaborate with customers and industry and to drive and/or sponsor more than 50 events advancing scientific advocacy. To us, this means advocating to advance external science-based decision-making that drives sustainable preservation.

Our global regulatory & advocacy approach

The Arxada global regulatory and advocacy approach is aimed at providing leadership and stewardship to place compliant and sustainable products and services on the market, meet the needs of our customers and keep people and the environment safe.

We are striving to enhance the value we provide to our customers. International experience, combined with knowledge of local markets and regulations, are essential in the changing global business climate. Regulatory and advocacy practices are one of the key differentiating factors helping to achieve strategic and sustainability objectives, and we are committed to lead on these efforts.

Our regulatory and advocacy strategy is supported by a team of over 70 regulatory affairs experts around the world, offering a global, yet market-specific approach.

Some of the key organizations we engage with and are active members of include:

Driven by science, legislation, regulation and communication, we are working bilaterally, through customer and industry partnerships, to meet our objectives whilst engaging in government and public relations. Our regulatory and advocacy strategy is designed to support innovation by delivering a portfolio of new products, integrated solutions and non-chemical alternatives. This enables us to achieve the following: deliver a globally differentiated customer-focused service that demonstrates the benefits of our products and services; attract and retain the best people with the right competencies, knowledge and talents; ensure our systems and processes, including new digital methods, create a smooth-running and efficient delivery.

Arxada’s regulatory advocacy approach

Diagram showing Arxada's regulatory advocacy approach

Actively managing our chemical substance portfolio

We prioritize the safety of our employees and customers by manufacturing products that are safe to handle and use. We have implemented robust processes that include monitoring regulatory changes and implementing best practices for the safe use, handling, storage, transportation and disposal of hazardous chemicals.

To ensure our commitment to safety, we proactively monitor and track our use of substances classified as category 1 and 2 under the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) for Health and Environmental Hazardous Substances. We have established clear safety protocols for all chemicals used in our operations, regardless of whether they are classified as hazardous.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to sustainability and are continuously exploring and implementing safer alternatives to hazardous chemicals in our operations where feasible and appropriate.